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Elegie embodies the passion and vision of a dedicated French-American doctorate scientist seeking an outlet for the unique, eclectic sounds in her head.

Blending her background in physics, programming, and research with the realm of electronic music, her scientific mindset permeates every track. Her compositions orchestrate ethereal journeys, inviting you to explore uncharted realms, while always grounded by a profound, resonating bassline that moves your body and soul.

Much like her music and style, Elegie defies easy classification, celebrating nonconformity. She transcends borders, performing in underground techno hubs in the USA, Brazil and Mexico, while having shared line-ups with headliners like Steve Aoki, Gareth Emery, Cristoph, and many more. Her tracks have been released on US and international labels, drawing a global audience and reaching the top 10 of melodic house & techno charts on Beatport.

Based in the vibrant, eccentric city of San Francisco, Elegie's live performances celebrate authenticity, creativity, and uniqueness, embodying her pure joy of techno and high-precision dj-ing style in every show. Evolving from her underground beginnings, Elegie now has stage presence in the biggest clubs in the city such as Audio
, 1015 Folsom, and The Great Northern.

Elegie dedicates her art to her beloved English bulldog, Edgy. Eventually, she would like to use the proceeds to support bulldog rescues and charities, to celebrate her enduring bond with her late furry daughter.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Les Irrepressibles - In This Shirt [Elegie Remix]
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Elegie - Neblina [Original Mix]
Elegie - A-Tension (Original Mix)
Elegie - Infinite Wonder (Extended Mix)
FREE DOWNLOAD: Röyksopp - Running To The Sea ft. Susanne Sundfør [Elegie Remix]
Elegie - In Verse Correlation (Original Mix)
Elegie - Reactome (Original Mix)


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